Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Debt is a financial tool to help you manage your financial shortcomings and achieve other goals. Debt can be beneficial when used wisely and puts you in significant economic problems when used poorly. This is generally seen that if any individual is in dire need of money, he moves towards taking a loan or debt from a bank, and any financial institution or a credit card debt. Now the question arises for what purpose the loan is being taken? The purpose of taking a loan determines whether a debt is good or bad.

Yes, this is absolutely true that an Individual’s purpose of taking debt can clear the fundamental issue. We know debt is used to fulfil different types of tasks which might be essential or non-essential and debt used for managing essential works is called good debt and bad debt includes non-essential works. So in this article, our focus is to analyse how both types of debt can impact your life, what kind of situations you can go through after using them and ways to avoid bad debt in detail.

What is a Good Debt?

Good debt is a debt that can contribute to growing your financial approach. This works positively to eradicate all your hardships related to funds and makes life smooth and stress-free. The thing that makes any debt a “good debt” is the valuable and positive approach that recognises the ability to generate long-term benefits by using that debt. There can be a number of sectors in which debt can be used conclusively to build wealth and financial growth.

Debt For Education: Education is an investment in itself. This is a light that can lead you to the heights of success and a bright future. Investment in education is one of the most common examples of good loans. Education loans, when used properly can lead you to higher potential career opportunities. This type of loan returns to enable the students to earn their livelihood to enjoy a better future life.

Debt For Business: A loan taken for business can be considered a good loan. Generally, businessmen require loans to build their businesses on a large scale. This loan allows them to generate and create business in the long run on one side and also helps them to manage the financial crisis in business from time to time on the other side.

Debt For Real Estate: When you buy a home or invest money in real estate property using a mortgage can also help you to build wealth over time. This is a kind of forced and risky saving, which will be beneficial to you as the price you have paid today will not be the same in the future. The same property or house will go on increasing in price multiple times. For example, In Houston Texas, where real estate is fast growing, applying for installment loans in Houston is easy with us and can be a valuable move as well.  This is also called good debt which you can use to buy a real estate property and it will help you to build equity

Low-Interest Rate Debt: Definitely low-interest rate debt has a significant role to play in making your financial situation better. If you buy a car, or home on a low-rate interest loan, this will be very affordable and less of a financial burden. This loan will not only help to build equity but prove to be a blessing for you.

Tax Advantage and Long-Term Perspectives: Some types of good debts offer you a rebate in tax. With the help of this allowance, your overall liability to pay the loan is reduced. As we know good debts are taken to keep long terms in mind and this may take time to come into effect to return you with a good financial future.

Avoid bad debt

What is a Bad Debt?

Bad debt refers to money that is borrowed to solve different types of financial hurdles but can not be paid back due to some factors including money mismanagement, overspending and sudden expenses. Bad debt is also meant to borrow a loan for completing unnecessary aims which can lead to further financial uncertainty. Thus bad debt can have a severe impact on your business life, home budget, and other decisions you are going to take in future life. Here are some key factors that can be counted among bad credit.

Credit Card Debt With High Interest: When discussing bad debt, credit card debt with high interest can be considered bad credit. Using credit cards to enjoy luxury shopping and spend money without considering its impacts on the upcoming financial future can lead to sudden money trouble and damage your credit score as well. This cycle of debt sometimes does not break and ends with bankruptcy. So you need to be aware of it and you can find ways to avoid credit card debt here in any situation of your life.

Payday Loans: Payday loans also come with exorbitant interest rates. These types of loans allow you to collect instant money but also require you to pay it in a short period of time with high interest. This also creates a cycle of debt in which an individual feels to be trapped. This should be considered among bad debts and avoiding such a type of loan can make your financial life smooth.

Consumer Debt: This debt you take when you do not have money to spend to enjoy vacations, or holidays and buy some expensive non-essential products for which you don’t have any type of requirement in your life. Spending money on futile things by taking such bad loans is never considered a valuable decision.

Taking Debt To Buy Depreciating Assets: Buying assets by taking loans which will decrease their values in future is not a good decision. Auto loans, car loans etc. can be considered loans when not necessary. You should avoid these loans as much as you can. Never indulge in habits of buying things which do not have the potential to increase their value over time.

How To Avoid Bad Debt?

Evaluate Interest Rates: Generally, any debt can be thought bad if it comes with high interest. Debt with high interest is impossible to repay for anyone and allows you to get stuck in the cycle of debt. Before taking any type of debt, it should be your prime concern to analyse the interest rate. You also should avoid buying unnecessary products with high-interest loans so that you do not achieve your financial goals.

Increase Your Income: Loans are the best financial tools which help you to come out of difficult financial situations. But if we analyse that loan is needed when we do not manage our money properly or have limited sources of money. With the increment in income, all the debt-taking problems can be solved. If you increase your sources of income, you need not take a debt which is impossible to pay back.

Save For Rainy Days: Emergency funds to assist you during hard days are the best possible way you should adopt. Your savings can help you avoid taking debt and your financial position can be maintained through it. Using your own saved money instead of borrowing high-interest payments can be a way more intelligent decision.

Choose Debt For the Right Purpose: Borrowing money is not a bad decision always, but taking it for the right purpose makes a difference. While applying for a loan or debt, interest rates and loan terms should be evaluated carefully. All the terms and conditions should be clear to you and such type of loan should be used to fulfil beneficial purposes which can return you with an advantage.


Both good debt and bad debt fulfil the need for money in a tight time but the methods of using both are different. While good debt has the power to fix your future by investing in the right direction, bad debt is available at a higher interest rate and without investing in the right direction, it is spent on various unnecessary activities and your financial situation is also ruined. Therefore, a loan is the right one that can turn the difficult time of your life into an easy one and that too without giving any burden.

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