How Much Should You Save Each Month

Thinking of saving for upcoming time is the right way and implementing it is more valuable. Every individual is in a dilemma about the amount he should save every month. It is difficult to say how much every person should keep apart during his difficult time. This is because every individual has a different situation and circumstances in which he has to save money. 

The idea of saving a part of the money every month sometimes only suits some because the maximum part is spent on daily consumption or necessities due to low income. Sometimes to overcome financial hardships they apply for loans and stabilise their financial condition. 

If we see, people are generally recommended to save their 20% portion of income, 30% of their expenses and 50% of household and other family expenses. Sometimes for other families, it might be less to save 20% for their upcoming time and others, it could be very high to save. 

No doubt, this idea of saving 20% is quite popular among folks because it seems possible to put money into their further expenses and solve financial problems.

Saving 20% and a little more than this is a fine idea but if you can not save even 20%, then you should save whatever you can save or do to save for emergency needs. This is going to be very crucial for you as the situation might worsen at any time.


Why Saving Is Really Important For You

Saving is really important for you because it has multiple benefits which allow you to live your life stress-free and with enjoyment. It also secures you financially so you do not hesitate to spend money on important things. Here we know how saving can lead you to a burden-free life.

Financial Security 

If you want to be secure financially, prioritise saving. Saving, which solves many financial problems, secures your life from a lack of funds in difficult times. Also keeping funds for emergency expenses like urgent medical bills, car repairs or education fees can be handled easily through saving.

Debt Free Life

The habit of saving money from time to time can reduce your dependency on debts in hard times. Having funds in the form of savings is no less than a treasure when you are in a lack of funds. This money is very valuable to break the cycle of debt and your life becomes easy. So saving has many benefits. 

To Achieve Goals

To complete your dream, saving can play a great role. If you have a goal to buy a home, a new car, or anything else, you can achieve it easily. Achieving financial goals can be difficult to achieve if one is not preplanned and having sufficient funds can make it easy. No matter how you have long or short-term goals, it can be easy with time-to-time contributions to your savings.

To Make Retired Life Easy

Saving is good for living a retired life pleasantly. Building funds for retirement can ensure your old age is manageable. Wise people start saving for their retirement so a good amount can be saved for those days when they won’t be able to work anymore. They can live peacefully and stress-free. 

Peace Of Mind

Above all is the peace of mind that saving funds provides you. When you have sufficient funds in your savings account, you don’t need to worry about things which can cause stress to you. Overall peace of mind is a crucial thing which everyone wants and the maximum stress can be caused because of lack of funds. So saving money can save you from this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my savings?

Savings can be kept in your savings account or a different savings account. You can have a high-yield savings account to keep your money safe. A Certificate of Deposit is a good alternative which provides a good amount of interest too.

How many savings accounts should you have?

You can have multiple savings accounts. But it depends upon your income, expenses, or financial position. Managing multiple accounts can be difficult so you need to think before having more than one or two. 


Saving money is valuable but the amount may vary from person to person. Secondly, it depends on the goals you want to achieve and how much amount you need to achieve them. But the habit of saving should be developed and no matter how much you save, you should save whatever you can save. This will bring you peace of mind that is worth more than anything.

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