Can I Get a Loan With Bad Credit

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You might have heard about the credit score, if not then you can read our guide “What is a credit score”? It will answer all your questions related to credit scores.

The credit scores are five types, typically ranging from 300 to 850. From poor, fair, good, very good to excellent. 

Let’s see what numbers are good or bad:

800 to 850: Excellent

740 to 799: Very Good

670 to 739: Good

580 to 669: Fair

300 to 579: Poor

What is a bad credit score?

You need to know if you are not sure about your credit score. Let’s discuss bad credit scores first. 

Bad credit or poor credit score refers to a low credit score. If you are not making your repayments on time, or you have a credit card you crossed the limit, then it can lower your credit score. When you borrow a loan, especially from a bank, your credit history

We are discussing today if you can get a loan with a bad credit score or not. Having bad credit can be a trouble if you are looking to get money asap. But there are plenty of options available. So, are you eligible for a loan with a poor credit score?

The answer is yes. If you are applying with Texo Finance, you have quite a good chance of approval. However, banks can deny your application if you have a score ranging from 300 to 579.

Our lenders can accept your application with a minimum credit score and offer you a loan. But you need to be careful applying with any company that allures customers with exciting offers of loans with bad credit. You can end up paying high-interest rates if you are not sure who you are applying with. 

Texo Finance’s transparent process helps you to get bad credit installment loans in Texas.

Where should I pay attention to before applying for a loan?

Generally, low interest means you are going to get a loan at a higher interest rate. If you need money urgently then you could ask your friend or family. If you had already asked then you might want to apply for a loan which means you need to dig out more about the company you are applying with. 

With Texo Finance, you don’t need to worry about the process. Our step-by-step process helps consumers with everything they need to know. Even our lenders are legitimate and reputed. You can set your repayment dates if your application gets approved.

How to check your credit score?

Do you want to check your credit score before applying for a loan? Actually, you should. Knowing your credit will help you to decide whether you should take out a loan from a bank or an online lender. There are several applications that can help you, such as:


Credit Karma

These are legitimate sources for checking your credit score. You can get detailed reports as well. 

The easiest loan to get with a bad credit score

You can many types of loans with your poor credit. Usually, short-term loans such as payday loans are the easiest loans to get. However, if you need a maximum amount then short-term loans might not be a great option. Personal or installment loans can work out for you when you need more than $2000. Texo Finance provides bad credit installment loans in Texas and you can use them for your all personal needs.

Can I improve my credit score with a loan if I am getting it with poor credit?

Actually, it helps. If you are applying for a loan and got approved. Then you can be able to use this loan to build your credit. How? If you are able to repay your payments on time then your credit score can boost again. Once you pay off all the installments, you might able to show your history if you borrow another loan in the future. But also you need to know that short-term loans cannot help you to improve your credit score because lenders do not report to the credit bureau about your payment history if have this kind of loan. Only personal or installment loans can help you to improve your score.

What should you consider a bank or an online lender if you have bad credit?

Well, it totally depends on your needs and your credit score. If you have an excellent 800 to 850) to a very good score (740 to 799) then your application can be passed through the bank process. However, if your credit score is fair (580 to 669) or poor (300 to 579) then online lenders can only be an option.

How to find a lender that accepts bad credit score?

Texo Finance helps you to find a lender that accepts bad credit score. If you are Texas-based then we can be the right option for you. We are parternerd with licensed lenders that consider bad credit applications. So you can apply bad credit installment loans in Texas.

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