When You Need Cash Now: Discovering Installment Loans and Personal Loans Options

Financial hard times are an ongoing part of human life. This not only teaches the value of money but also teaches the importance of being punctual and disciplined related to money. When you are not disciplined and do not have the habit of saving money for rainy days you are bound to face a money crunch in the future. Strategies to spend money in smart ways should be adopted.

Many alternatives to save you from this financial crunch are available but installment loans and personal loans are two prominent options that come to mind which are flexible and easy to make your path simple to get the money. They have a difference in some ways, but the ultimate aim is to provide money while you apply. Installment loans with bad credit or installment loans without a checking account might also be feasible options for you. In this article, we will explore the meanings of installment loans and personal loans, their types, their availability without a credit check and many other factors which have a direct bond with them.

What is an Installment Loan and a Personal Loan

Installment loan: An installment loan is a type of loan provided by the lender or any financial institution or bank to the borrower. This is a fixed amount of money which is borrowed over a fixed time period and monthly regular payments can be made with principal and interest rates as well. The interest rate over a loan varies according to the credit history and credit scores of the borrower. The use may also vary while these might be used for auto repair, home enhancement, etc.

Personal Installment loan: Personal loan is different from installment loan and comes under unsecured loans. It has flexible ways of usage and allows the borrower to use it for multiple purposes. These loans are used to fix multiple tasks and are provided by private lenders, banks or other financial institutions. Being unsecured, it does not require any security to repay the loans. This is a good financial tool which has a fixed interest rate and high credit score also affects the availability and interest rate of loans.

installment loans vs personal loans

Types of Installment Loans:

Installment loans offer you flexibility in ways of using them and the interest is not more than a credit card installment loan. Installment loans include different categories of loans such as mortgage and auto loans, student loans or small business loans. Each type of loan can be used as per your requirements. And they are easier to get and can be applied online from anywhere in the US and other small cities such as Houston

Mortgage and Auto Loans


Mortgage loans related to real estate and home property which are often considered as large loan amounts offer you access to money through this type of loan. This is often considered a long-term loan of more than 10 years. These secured loans require security to provide you with the amount you are applying. While taking mortgage loans your credit score impacts it hardly. Lender also verifies credit history, and credit score while granting you money.

Auto loans are provided to borrowers for buying a vehicle such as a car, truck etc This loan is very useful for those people who cannot pay the entire payment for a vehicle at once, and it is very likely that people will buy their vehicle by taking an auto loan.

Unsecured Installment Loans


Unsecured installment loans are a type of arrangement of money where an individual applies for a loan without depositing any security. This type of loan is completely based on your creditworthiness. While approving your loan, a lender or any financial institution might seek your credit score or history. Having excellent scores means having good creditworthiness. After getting an unsecured installment loan you are bound to pay it in regular monthly repayments and the use of this money is flexible. Interest rates and fees vary and depend on your credit score and history. Poor credit might often lead to high interest.

Types of Personal Loans:

Personal loans are often thought to be unsecured loans but some of them are secured and can be accessible at the rate of your credit score and repayment terms of your loan. It is also important the sort of loan you are seeking depends on your credit scores so that fast funds can be available to you.

Unsecured Personal Loans: 

These loans are considered unsecured loans because they do not require any security or collateral from your side, but for the lender, it is difficult to issue your loan amount. So the lender requires your credit scores, debt-paying history etc. These loans held high interest rates which means you have to pay more than a secured loan.

Secured Personal Loans: These secured loans are backed up by collateral and require the borrower’s details of income and creditworthiness. This is the secure way for the lender to approve money for the borrower. In case of failed repayments, or late payments, lenders can seize collateral.

Debt Consolidation Loans: These loans are best to solve the problem of multiple loans you have incurred. Loan is taken to roll various debts such as credit card bills, and other high interest rate loans.

Other Types of Personal Loans: Some other types of personal loans are fixed-rate personal loans, home improvement loans, or education loans. These loans also fall under the category of personal loans.

Credit Card Loans

A credit card loan or debit is actually a type of cash advance that your lender or bank issues to you when you get a credit card. Credit card loan amount depends on your income or credit history. You use this loan as a plastic currency. This loan amount you spend has to be paid with monthly interest. You can use this for different purposes like shopping, any type of bill and for other tasks.

Difference Between Installment and Personal Loans:

There is a significant difference when you apply for any of these loans. Both have their pros and cons in itself. Which is beneficial for you depending on your needs and purpose to apply for it.

These two types of loans have differences in terms of:

  1. Definition: Installment loans are specifically known as where the borrower gets their loan amount in a lump sum and is bound to pay it over a predetermined period of time. Whereas a personal loan is a mixture of a broad term that includes installment and non-installment loans.
  2. Collateral or Security: In installment loans collateral is a must for the lender to grant you a loan while personal loans are often referred to as unsecured loans, and they do not require any security. The loan is granted on the basis of credit scores and ways of income.
  3. Need and Use: Installment loans are frequently used for buying a car or home. The loan amount is repaid through monthly fixed installments. Personal loans are for some specific needs like paying medical bills, auto repair, or education student loans. The loan amount can be paid through different methods.
Credit Requirements


Credit requirement means the criteria that any borrower needs to be fulfilled. This requirement is very important for both lenders as well as the borrower. The lender determines through these requirements if the borrower is eligible to get the loan or not. Credit scores, credit history, income and employment, and loan purpose are all requirements that are crucial to be completed.

Repayment Terms


Repayment terms refer to the ways and time period of the loan in which the borrower is committed to repay the payments. This is an outlined agreement between both on how a borrower is determined to pay the amount back including the interest rate. These terms also include late fees, due dates, and access to auto debt payment.

When You Need Cash Now & Bad Credit:

When you need cash and have bad credit, the loan can be accessible to you in certain ways. Some types of installment loans and personal loans can be great solutions to come out of the financial crisis. Some online lenders like Texo Finance consider your less-than-perfect credit scores and allow you to get the amount. Personal unsecured loans also do not require any collateral and offer you to get the loan amount easily. Thus loan approval can be easy with installment and personal loans.

Benefits of Bad Credit Installment Loans

Bad credit or poor credit installment loans might be beneficial for people having a poor credit score. This is because many online lenders can approve your loan application to have a less-than-perfect credit score. With a bad credit score, though it may come with a bit high interest rate but provides the much-needed funds. Its structured monthly repayment schedule can allow you to build the credit score opportunity. No collateral is needed and flexible use of funds makes it more worthy than ever. So it is also worth trying different installment loan options which help you to get bad credit installment loans.

How To Get Personal Loan With Bad Credit

Getting a loan with bad or poor credit can be more burdensome than with fair credit scores. This is not impossible to get, you need to focus first to understand your credit report and remove inaccuracies that are affecting your credit scores. Try to research online lenders or direct lenders that can help you to get the amount with bad scores. There are multiple lenders you can find if you research. If you get any personal loan with significant monthly payments, try to pay it on time and it will help you to build your credit score. This is important to understand fast funding of a loan is possible with a fair credit score.

Differences in Interest Rates

The interest rate varies when you try to figure out installment loans vs. personal loans. Unsecured personal installment loans offer higher interest rates than secured loans because they do not demand any security against providing the loan. Installment loan rates are not as high as unsecured loans carry.


Both types of loans serve as the leading financial tool to hit the hard time. Whenever you are stuck in a financial crisis, installment loans and personal loans offer you to overcome the difficult time. Pros and cons are part of everything, so installment loans and personal loans have their own pros and cons in this way. Although personal and installment loans with bad credit serve you to be stress-free, it is also necessary for you to understand the full criteria and ways to raise your credit score and maintain your credit history so it can help you to get a loan quickly in future.

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